LWJ 048: Stop Fighting & Fall in Love Again w/Valerie Greene

LIFE with JEN show

This is one of my favorite episodes and an incredibly important one (although I say that a lot!)  My guest today is relationship coach, Valerie Greene. She is a unique relationship mentor who helps couples stop fighting and fall in love again, and teaches women to inspire men to deeper love and intimacy. A highly successful alternative to […]

LWJ 047: Greed vs. Desire

LIFE with JEN podcast

Greed and desire are similar, but not the same. Each are rooted in different beliefs or thoughts. I learned a lot researching for this episode. I hope you enjoy and learn something new and helpful, too!  Thanks for listening! Please SHARE, COMMENT, or WRITE A REVIEW find me on http://www.instagram.com/jen_blau on https://www.facebook.com/lifewithjenb on https://twitter.com/jen_blau LIFE with JEN on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTD6smk3DwQpbh5gBhAjOxw […]

LWJ 046: Self-Love, Self-Worth & Good Enough with Sue Deans

LIFE with JEN podcast

Sue Deans is a health, habits & happiness coach whose passion is helping women live a happy, healthy life. All the way from Brisbane, Australia, I’m honored to bring you her side of the story around self-love, self-worth and the all-too familiar question of “am I good enough?” Find Sue at  http://www.susandeans.com/ Thanks for listening! […]

LWJ 045: Surrender

LIFE with JEN podcast

SOLO ROUND!  We get what we focus on. What thoughts and feelings are you surrendering to? Because it matters. Today’s episode is short and sweet. And also the most critical concept I could ever share with you. If you take away ONE THING from my show ever . . . . this would be it.  find me on http://www.instagram.com/jen_blau […]