My “Now” Page

What's going on right now....

Currently, I keep busy raising three amazing kids with my husband. I continue to work with one personal training client (who happens to be the first client that hired me almost seven years ago.) 

Aside from that, I produce a weekly podcast, LIFE with JEN, and am working on my first full-length novel which takes a TON of coffee and occasionally (oh who are we kidding, usually) wine! 

My work encompasses an array of themes–truth, passion and life purpose are a few of them. The life of a mom, wife and woman living in the midwest is another.
And Courage. It’s taking all I’ve got to keep this ship from sinking.
All of these topics have made their way into my writing or influenced it in some way. 

I believe there is a message in our mess. I’m determined to uncover every inch of it and share it with those who need it most whether it be in a weekly Facebook Live broadcast or within the pages of a well-written novel. 

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