Shaken From Inner Peace

LWJ 054 LIFE with JEN podcast

Life is messy. But there is beauty in the breakdown ~ Dr. Brooke Kalanick LIVE from Facebook! This is my best “online talk” to date. Or, at least, I think so. A real situation, my awakening around it, and a life message for you.  Watch the video below (13 minutes)  Audio-only options available below video.   AUDIO […]

LWJ 053: Where Do You Hide?

LIFE with JEN on FB LIVE (Coffee Chat 2017)

OR, YOU CAN WATCH THE SHOW BELOW. Adding a twist to the LIFE with JEN podcast for August. I’ll be going on Facebook Live at 10:05am cst on Tuesdays. I plan to talk about whatever comes up each week with regards to life and the writing of my first fiction novel, getting back to the […]