Be a Quitter, BUT Keep Going

LWJ episode 056 - Live FB Coffee Chat

I am struggling today you guys. But I didn’t want to shy away from the fact, so I brought it all to you. Not to bog you down, but to talk about it. Get it out in the open. Because what else can we do? At the beginning of this show, I tell you how, […]

Solar Eclipse 2017 and New Beginnings

LIFE with JEN show #055

COFFEE CHAT LIVE from Facebook!  Hey you guys! Today I talk about total Solar Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. This is an important time for cleansing our energy, setting new intentions, and honoring endings as well as new beginnings. I’m live all month (maybe longer) recording these episodes from my Facebook page, and you can also catch […]

the Power of Evening Routines

“Our lives have gotten so cluttered with things we think we should do that we can’t figure out what we were meant to do. Let your life be about what you were meant to do, not full of what you think you should do. This starts with your daily decisions about how you spend your […]

Meditation Isn’t Weird

Plus Exact Steps on How to Get Started Today

Resources Mentioned in this Show: 8 Minute Meditation (Victor Davich) CHECK LIST TO START MEDITATING TODAY:  Set a timer for 5-8 minutes (phone, tablet, etc) – don’t start it yet Find a comfy spot sitting straight up, feet uncrossed in front of you or flat on floor Gently close your eyes or look down a […]