LWJ 051: Deliver Your Brilliance w/Val Brown

the LIFE with JEN show

Val Brown is an Emmy award winning producer who has been preparing people to appear on television for more than 30 years. She specializes in helping people get over the jitters and really focus on what they want and need to get out of their time in front of the camera, whether it’s for photos […]

LWJ 048: Stop Fighting & Fall in Love Again w/Valerie Greene

LIFE with JEN show

This is one of my favorite episodes and an incredibly important one (although I say that a lot!)  My guest today is relationship coach, Valerie Greene. She is a unique relationship mentor who helps couples stop fighting and fall in love again, and teaches women to inspire men to deeper love and intimacy. A highly successful alternative to […]

LWJ 046: Self-Love, Self-Worth & Good Enough with Sue Deans

LIFE with JEN podcast

Sue Deans is a health, habits & happiness coach whose passion is helping women live a happy, healthy life. All the way from Brisbane, Australia, I’m honored to bring you her side of the story around self-love, self-worth and the all-too familiar question of “am I good enough?” Find Sue at  http://www.susandeans.com/ Thanks for listening! […]

LWJ 044: Shine Without Apology w/Christy Primmer

LIFE with JEN podcast

Shape your life with intent. Today’s guest is Christy Primmer, author, speaker, coach and owner of Primetime Success. I love this conversation because Christy has dealt with and broken free from many of the ideals I’ve grown up with and still face today.  Find Christy: http://primetimecs.com On Instagram  @christy_primmer On Facebook @primetimeconsultingservices Get Christy’s New Book PRIMETIME […]