Be a Quitter, BUT Keep Going

LWJ episode 056 - Live FB Coffee Chat

I am struggling today you guys. But I didn’t want to shy away from the fact, so I brought it all to you. Not to bog you down, but to talk about it. Get it out in the open. Because what else can we do? At the beginning of this show, I tell you how, […]

LWJ 034: Unlock Your Heart with Claude Silver

LIFE with JEN Show

Such a sweet honor to talk with Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia (a digital creative shop with offices across the U.S and now in London.) Claude has literally followed her bliss and found her life passion in helping people. This is a very important episode and a fun one, too. We hope you […]

LWJ 014: How Willpower Works

LIFE with JEN podcast

LISTEN TO THE SHOW We beat ourselves up for not having willpower at the end of the day but what we don’t realize is that we used it up already. In this episode I talk about celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters’, trick of using the art of strategy and decision to TRUMP our willpower and also about […]

the Power of Evening Routines

“Our lives have gotten so cluttered with things we think we should do that we can’t figure out what we were meant to do. Let your life be about what you were meant to do, not full of what you think you should do. This starts with your daily decisions about how you spend your […]