Solar Eclipse 2017 and New Beginnings

LIFE with JEN show #055

COFFEE CHAT LIVE from Facebook!  Hey you guys! Today I talk about total Solar Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. This is an important time for cleansing our energy, setting new intentions, and honoring endings as well as new beginnings. I’m live all month (maybe longer) recording these episodes from my Facebook page, and you can also catch […]

Shaken From Inner Peace

LWJ 054 LIFE with JEN podcast

Life is messy. But there is beauty in the breakdown ~ Dr. Brooke Kalanick LIVE from Facebook! This is my best “online talk” to date. Or, at least, I think so. A real situation, my awakening around it, and a life message for you.  Watch the video below (13 minutes)  Audio-only options available below video.   AUDIO […]

LWJ 053: Where Do You Hide?

LIFE with JEN on FB LIVE (Coffee Chat 2017)

OR, YOU CAN WATCH THE SHOW BELOW. Adding a twist to the LIFE with JEN podcast for August. I’ll be going on Facebook Live at 10:05am cst on Tuesdays. I plan to talk about whatever comes up each week with regards to life and the writing of my first fiction novel, getting back to the […]

Podcast Talk….


Well, most of you know I’m better at posting video and audio than I am at writing individual blog posts 🙂 Here’s the FB LIVE I did yesterday in talking about the future of the podcast, the LIFE with JEN show.