Higher Ground

LIFE with JEN #059

A short (5 min) coffee chat with a deep topic: Finding Higher Ground in the midst of chaos.    *** NOT YET UPLOADED TO ITUNES. VIDEO VERSION ONLY.   Listen on iTunes     Listen on Stitcher Radio (android)   Thanks for listening/watching, Please SHARE this episode forward! Music:  CredX1 https://soundcloud.com/cred1x/yellogreen-island  

B-complex, Priorities, & Confidence

LIFE with JEN show

B-complex has helped me so much with mood and depression in the past (and been a major factor when I am IN those states) that I wanted to share my experience with it. My productivity got all screwed up since the kids started school, and in this episode I also share how we all can […]

Bye Folgers, Taylor Swift, & other Randomness

LWJ 057: Coffee Chat FB LIVE

I don’t know what to tell you today. This episode is all over the place from Folgers coffee to Taylor Swift to fake nails and even how my car is a school bus. (forehead slap!) The video is ultra long and real (such is live video, think of it as the beginning of Kelly Ripa’s […]

Be a Quitter, BUT Keep Going

LWJ episode 056 - Live FB Coffee Chat

I am struggling today you guys. But I didn’t want to shy away from the fact, so I brought it all to you. Not to bog you down, but to talk about it. Get it out in the open. Because what else can we do? At the beginning of this show, I tell you how, […]