LWJ 050: How Storms Serve Us

LIFE with JEN show

Short, solo round. A Life Lesson for all of us. I had to learn this today as I prepared to release the podcast. I hope you find it helpful, too.  Thanks for listening Please SHARE with a Friend if you liked this episode find me on https://www.instagram.com/jen_blau on https://www.facebook.com/lifewithjenb on https://twitter.com/jen_blau LIFE with JEN on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTD6smk3DwQpbh5gBhAjOxw Music: CredX1 https://soundcloud.com/cred1x/yellogreen-island

LWJ 045: Surrender

LIFE with JEN podcast

SOLO ROUND!  We get what we focus on. What thoughts and feelings are you surrendering to? Because it matters. Today’s episode is short and sweet. And also the most critical concept I could ever share with you. If you take away ONE THING from my show ever . . . . this would be it.  find me on http://www.instagram.com/jen_blau […]

LWJ 5 Minute Friday

LIFE with JEN podcast

Which are you? Often, we have both of these qualities. But . .Which do you need more of? And why? It’s 5 Minute Friday LIVE on Facebook!! This episode was recorded LIVE on my Facebook page. To view the live version (complete with lots of ums LOL) see the link below.  Thanks for listening! Please […]