Who is Jen?

behind the scenes.....

Born & raised on a cattle farm. Middle of Nowhere Nebraska.
Wife, Mom of 3
Sometimes, we have to get lost to find ourselves.
Sometimes we have to break to get strong.

This is what happened to me. 

Currently: in 1st round edits for my DEBUT NOVEL (2018, contemporary romance)

I’ve been a little bit of everywhere, but the toughest career I’ve had is that of being a mom. I can’t think of any other place where the emotional and physical levels vary so much (ok, the movies! that’s where.) from stressful as hell to euphoric, sometimes (most) all in one day. I think all moms would agree!

I’ve always loved the entertainment industry (started life with 16 years on stage as a classically trained tap, jazz, and ballet dancer before running my own studio for two years and producing shows for the stage) and even attended Minneapolis College of Art & Design for a short time with an emphasis in film production.
Ultimately, I earned an Associate of Art Degree in Graphic Art and Media Production.

BUT I never thought I’d be the one writing the stories in the end.

And it’s where I find myself today.

Little did I know, without the experience of my past, the stories never would have been as good 🙂 

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