Who is Jen?

behind the scenes.....

I am a writer, speaker, and producer/host of the online show, LIFE with JEN, where I use my background as a former wellness and life coach to decipher my own daily life. From that, I bring you lessons I’ve learned and lessons I still struggle with. Sometimes I write about it, sometimes I talk about it, sometimes I broadcast it on Facebook Live. Either way, I call it a blog. All episodes rest on the home page of this site in chronological order.

Having written a full, unpublished memoir (my choice), I am now at work on my debut novel (a Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction Novel) that infuses much of my own life experience as originally written in the memoir. 

An artist and creator at heart, I also have a desire to write and direct for the silver screen. I have re-embraced this fact at the age of 41. It hasn’t been easy; you’ll see me fighting (and struggling) my way to be seen for who I truly am. It’s all over the internet LOL Make sure to follow my social channels (esp my Instagram Stories) for that vulnerable craziness! 

Ok. I think that sums it up. 
If you’d like to see what I’m currently up to (besides all of the above) visit my NOW page. 

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