LWJ 048: Stop Fighting & Fall in Love Again w/Valerie Greene

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This is one of my favorite episodes and an incredibly important one (although I say that a lot!) 

My guest today is relationship coach, Valerie Greene. She is a unique relationship mentor who helps couples stop fighting and fall in love again, and teaches women to inspire men to deeper love and intimacy.

A highly successful alternative to relationship therapy, Valerie helps couples create a secure emotional CONNECTION; not just problem solving or communication skills.

When couples feel like teammates again, win/win solutions are easy to create, and the right decisions for each person/couple become obvious.  From this connected place, Valerie guides couples in creating an inspiring vision/purpose for their relationship, nurturing love and intimacy, and using relationship as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth.

Valerie holds numerous certifications in coaching, NLP, and emotional healing modalities. She has lead workshops and retreats, creates educational videos for couples and women, and has a 12 week program where she guides either one or both partners to reignite their love and experience intimacy and passion again. You can get her free video training “3 Steps to Stop Fighting and Start Connecting” at http://www.coachvaleriegreene.com
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