LWJ 037: Exploring Life with Lynne Nieman

LIFE with JEN show

When life and location put you in a box. Explore anyway!

I have a special connection to this show. I, too, grew up in what Lynne calls the “midwestern box.” And we talk about how we’ve both felt the pull to explore, to engage in other interests and ideals outside of this box.

Lynne Nieman is a Travel addict. Europe lover. Photographer. Writer. Runner. Hiker. Nature lover.

She’s happiest in the mountains, but loves the feeling of sand between her toes. Hasn’t met a French cheese she doesn’t like — nor an Italian wine or Irish whiskey.

She truly believes in the transformative power of travel — independent travel that connects the traveler to the locals.

Find Lynne here WanderYourWay.com
and keep tabs on her beautiful photos and travel coming up soon on her
Instagram Page Click Here (her pics are SO great!)
She’s also on Facebook 

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