LWJ 010: Sync or Swim

LIFE with JEN podcast

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The MECS Method podcast


WHY IS IT SO HARD?!! The most important episode you’ll ever listen to if you’ve fought your weight, your health …. Never mind, if you’ve ever fought your body inside & out, listen to this episode.    SHARE please share this out with your friends so they can understand their body and stop asking “Why is this […]

Today, I run.


You should first know that I DO NOT RUN. It’s not my thing, it makes my body hurt, and I’ve never lost weight running–because, of course THAT is the only reason I would be running in the first place. Secondly, you should know that I stumbled across my journal entry from exactly one year ago while making […]

I’m Tired . . .

from The Coffee Shop personal journals, 9/10/2015


I want to publish this very personal journal because of this one. Because I want you to know that, in the dark, there is light. Above the clouds, there is blue sky. That the clouds will drift away–eventually–and you will still be here. Scarred, maybe. Beat up. But better. Wiser.  You. Me. We. We fall down. […]