LWJ 014: How Willpower Works

LIFE with JEN podcast

LISTEN TO THE SHOW We beat ourselves up for not having willpower at the end of the day but what we don’t realize is that we used it up already. In this episode I talk about celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters’, trick of using the art of strategy and decision to TRUMP our willpower and also about […]

LWJ 013: Become An Expert & Get Better

LIFE with JEN Podcast | 2 episodes in 1

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LWJ 012: Being Good Enough

LIFE with JEN podcast

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LWJ 011: Emotional Eating, Food Addiction

Food Lessons from Geneen Roth

LISTEN TO THE SHOW Thanks for listening! SHARE, COMMENT, or WRITE A REVIEW WOMEN FOOD AND GOD by Geneen Roth http://amzn.to/2d3Jwr6 *I recommend the kindle version Geneen’s Event Page: http://geneenroth.com/retreats-workshops/ My mini-movies on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTD6smk3DwQpbh5gBhAjOxw   music https://soundcloud.com/metiomusicofficial/metio-run-away